Music Lessons Cape Town

Do you want to learn how to play guitar, piano, drums other musical instruments or learn to sing? We offer novice and advanced classes at very affordable prices to the Cape Town area.

Learning to play Guitar

Ever wanted to learn to play the guitar but just never had the time or really got around to looking into it? We teach electric, bass and acoustic guitar in beginner levels and professional levels. From strumming the strings of the guitar to picking then bass guitar to playing lead we tutor you to do the lot.

Piano lessons

We offer piano lessons for beginner and advanced students in Cape Town. Our music lessons have 5-star ratings from over 300 different students that have taken piano classes with our teachers.

Training to play Drums

For the average young boy it’s an absolute dream to play the drums in front of a big crowd while their friends are rocking it on the guitar. We do courses on how to play drums as a novice or a pro.

Singing Lessons

Picking up a mic to sing a song at a karaoke and it comes out false is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Unless you’re drunk of course. Our voice training teaches you how to control your vocal cords whether you need to pitch in a high tone or sing in a low tone.

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